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Originally started as Brass N Bullets in 2002.
 We offered bulk reloading components in small quantities at bulk pricing. We also offered supplies packaged for gun stores with the stores logo.
This business grew into Chisholm Cartridge Company that was started with a friend. Chisholm offered top line Ammunition for Cowboy Action Shooters.
 Black Diamond blanks was a spin off company. Offering certified Mounted shooting blanks for CMSA clubs we serviced clubs in 14 states.
As my son grew older and started getting involved in the business we decided to make one last change.
This was the beginning of Estes Arms LLC.
Using everything we have learned from over 20 years of competition shooting in USPSA, IDPA and NRA Action along with years of training and Law enforcement, we provide the best supplies, ammunition firearms and training.
Give us try and you will see,
We Only Do
 "Bad - Ass"

A federally licensed firearms manufacturing company.